Tuesday, 26 May 2009

WHAT did I dream yesterday?

I had an unusual dream last nite. of course, dreams are always unusual :)

In my dreams I witnessed a baby being born. I do not know who was the baby or who was the mother. I sort of vaguely remember that it was my neice who was being born and everyone was joyous but I am not sure if it was the same baby or not. I had seen it wrapped in a piece of cloth just like new born babies are. They are wrapped in a soft but thick cloth. It is said that usually dreams are black and white. But I remember that the cloth used to wrap the baby was sort of green in color.

I do not know the significance but it is said that when u dream of something gud happening in ur dreams the opposite will happen in ur real life. So i have been thinking since morning that what i saw in the dream was joyous. will something bad happen in my family or to me? to be on the safer side i m keeping a check on whoever is going outside so that i can really relate to my dream.
Is this theory true?
or is interpretation just a way to quiten our mind with the fact that we know what gud or bad is going to happen in the future, so be prepared?
or is interpreting dreams just a way to be satisfied that we atleast do know some aspects of interpreting dreams.
or is it that we have nothing else to do in this world and so we interpret dreams?
or is it that we cant interpret dreams accurately and do not want the others to do the same and that is why we write a blog to that effect?

i am confused and off to day dreaming!!!

significance of dreaming

Dreams! A gateway to the fantasy world or should I say an insight to the real world? Whatever it is, dreams are a way to lose yourself in some world where you do not belong.

There may exist Freud's theory and Jung's theory, but all is a wastage when it comes to real dreaming and real interpretation of dreams. Though I agree that in some situations some events or signs in the dream can be interpreted, but not otherwise. U cannot interpret a dream in toto or wholly.

Dreams have a great significance for a human being and one should not attempt to interpret it acoording to his limited knowledge and derive from it what one thinks to be the meaning and according to his own whims and fancies.